Teaching pre MIT

I really enjoy teaching and I keep discovering new ways and formats to do that. In the past years, I have been TA/instructor for several courses at ETH Zurich, with subjects ranging from mathematics to applied, engineering disciplines.
During my studies, the role of TA consisted of teaching two hours a week (in either German, English, or Italian) the specific topic to an audience of around 100 students in their BSc./MSc. at ETH Zurich. For my courses, I always prepared the scientific literature, including explanations, exercises and hints on how to better approach the exams. At the end of each course, the students selected the best TAs to hold the exam preparation courses (so called PVKs). I have always been selected for my courses.
Lately, I was fortunate enough to co-create and teach a new class, called Applied Compositional Thinking for Engineers (ACT4E).