Autonomy Talks

Autonomy Talks are open to everyone and no registration is required. I started this seminar series in 2020, targeting the exchange among different groups working on innovations in autonomy. To this day, we had over 160 diverse speakers, all working on exciting topics. Have a look at previous talks on YouTube!
Autonomy Talks take place virtually (8-9am PST), on Zoom. If you are interested, please join our mailinglist.

Upcoming talks

May 7, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Vickie Webster-Wood, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: TBD

May 14, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Zachary Sunberg, University of Colorado Boulder
Title: TBD

May 21, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Pratap Tokekar, University of Maryland
Title: TBD

May 28, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Sarah Dean, Cornell University
Title: TBD

June 4, 2024
Speaker: TBD
Title: TBD

June 11, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Nadia Figueroa, University of Pennsylvania
Title: TBD

June 18, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Lisa Li, University of Michigan
Title: TBD

June 25, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Maani Ghaffari Jadidi, University of Michigan
Title: TBD