Autonomy Talks

Autonomy Talks are open to everyone and no registration is required. I started this seminar series in 2020, targeting the exchange among different groups working on innovations in autonomy. To this day, we had over 150 diverse speakers, all working on exciting topics. Have a look at previous talks on YouTube!
Autonomy Talks take place virtually (8-9am PST), on Zoom (the updated link will be posted in early 2024). If you are interested, please join our mailinglist.


March 19, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Christian Vasile, Leigh University
Title: TBD

March 12, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Jiaoyang Li, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: TBD

March 5, 2024
Speaker: Dr. Ruolin Li, Stanford University
Title: TBD

February 27, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Cesar Uribe, Rice University
Title: TBD

February 20, 2024
Speaker: TBD
Title: TBD

February 13, 2024
Speaker: Dr. Bassam Alrifaee, RWTH Aachen
Title: Multi-Agent Decision-Making in the Cyber-Physical Mobility Lab

February 6, 2024
Speaker: Prof. Necmiye Ozay, University of Michigan
Title: Some fundamental limitations of learning for dynamics and control

January 30, 2024
Speaker: Bryce Ferguson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Information as Control: Emerging Paradigms for Multi-Agent Systems


December 13, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania
Title: MAD Games - Multi-Agent Dynamic Games: What can you learn from Autonomous Racing?

December 6, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Yasser Shoukry, University of California, Irvine
Title: Assured Perception and Control of Autonomous Systems Using Formal Verification of Neural Networks

November 28, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Neda Masoud, University of Michigan
Title: Cybersecurity in Connected and Automated Vehicle Systems

November 21, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Heng Yang, Harvard University
Title: Revisiting the Minimum Enclosing Ellipsoid of Set-Membership Estimation in Control and Perception

November 21, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Liam Paull, University of Montreal
Title: Building representations to enable robots to complete complex and abstract tasks

November 7, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Marynel Vázquez, Yale University
Title: A Few Stories of When Our HRI Assumptions Were Wrong: The Challenge of Social Context Awareness

October 31, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Brian Ichter, Google DeepMind
Title: Limitations, Properties, and Applications of Foundation Models for Robotics

October 24, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Steven James, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Title: Concurrent and Temporal Composition for Zero-shot Transfer in Reinforcement Learning

October 17, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Alyssa Pierson, Boston University
Title: Designing Cooperative Multi-Agent Teams and Socially-Aware Autonomy

October 10, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Dimitra Panagou, University of Michigan
Title: Prediction and Adaptation for Certified Constrained Control

October 3, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Ivan Ruchkin, University of Florida
Title: Verify-then-Monitor: Calibration Guarantees for Safety Confidence

September 19, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Kostas Alexis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Title: Resilient Autonomy in Perceptually-degraded Environments

September 12, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Marija Popovic, University of Bonn
Title: Robot Learning for Adaptive Informative Path Planning

September 5, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Girish Krishnan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Towards Autonomous Soft Robots for Horticulture

August 29, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Peter Karkus, NVIDIA
Title: Compositional Deep Learning with Differentiable Algorithm Networks

August 22, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Mo Chen, Simon Fraser University
Title: Some Recent Advances in Control, RL, and Human-Robot Interactions

August 15, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Nicola Bezzo, University of Virginia
Title: I know that you know that I know: Towards Epistemic Planning of Heterogeneous Robotic Systems

July 25, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Yue Yu, University of Texas at Austin
Title: Inverse Games: Inferring Motives from Interactions

July 18, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Chuchu Fan, MIT
Title: From Neural Certificates to Certificate-based RL in Large-Scale Autonomy Design

July 11, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Mathias Hudoba de Badyn, ETH Zurich
Title: Network science in control: From smart cities to a smart future

July 4, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Michelle Chong, TU Eindhoven
Title: Secure state estimation for cyber-physical systems

June 27, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Oya Celiktutan, King's College London
Title: Robot Learning From and For Human Interactions

June 20, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Angela Fontan, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Title: Collective decision-making on networked systems: from social networks to smart homes

June 13, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Inigo Incer, California Institute of Technology
Title: System Analysis and Design Using Assume-Guarantee Contracts

May 23, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Jamie Paik, EPFL
Title: Reconfigurable Robots for Real Intuitive Interactions

May 16, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Sanjiban Choudhury, Cornell University
Title: The Virtues of Laziness in Model-based RL

May 9, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Cathy Wu, MIT
Title: Intelligent Coordination for Sustainable Roadways – If Autonomous Vehicles are the Answer, then What is the Question?

May 2, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Juncal Arbelaiz, Princeton University
Title: Distributed Kalman filtering for systems with spatiotemporal dynamics

April 25, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Shreyas Kousik, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: The Right Stuff: Representing Safety to Get Robots Out in the Real World

April 18, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Talia Moore, University of Michigan
Title: A symbiotic philosophy for bio-inspired robotics

April 11, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Pratik Chaudhari, University of Pennsylvania
Title: A Picture of the Prediction Space of Deep Networks

April 4, 2023
Speaker: Alessandro Zanardi, ETH Zurich
Title: Factorization of Multi-Agent Planning, from Sampling-based Methods to Dynamic Games

March 28, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Arash Ajoudani, IIT
Title: Learning and control for interactive robots

March 21, 2023
Speaker: Nicolas Lanzetti, ETH Zurich
Title: Dynamic Programming in Probability Spaces via Optimal Transport

March 7, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Lars Lindemann, University of Southern California
Title: Safe and Robust Data Enabled Autonomy

February 28, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Manxi Wu, Cornell University
Title: Spatiotemporal Pricing for Efficient Autonomous Carpooling Markets

February 21, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Ye Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Safe legged locomotion and navigation: robust motion planning and interactive decision-​making

February 14, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Giuseppe Loianno, New York University
Title: Learning Robot Super Autonomy

February 7, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Katie Driggs-Campbell, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Title: Towards Occlusion-Aware Autonomy using People as Sensors

January 31, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Bart Besselink, University of Groningen
Title: Modular analysis of linear systems using assume-guarantee contracts

January 24, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Michael Posa, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Multi Contact learning and real time control

January 17, 2023
Speaker: Dr. Kevin D. Smith, University of California, Santa Barbara
Title: Semicontracting Dynamical Systems

January 10, 2023
Speaker: Prof. Matthias Althoff, Technical University of Munich
Title: Formally Correct Motion Planning Through Online Verification


December 20, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Maximilian Schiffer, Technical University of Munich
Title: Structured Learning Based Online Optimization for Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand Systems

December 13, 2022
Speaker: Robin Brown, Stanford University
Title: Quantum computing for copositive optimization

December 6, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Matei Ciocarlie, Columbia University
Title: Mechanisms, Sensors and Policies for Dexterous Robotic Manipulation

November 29, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki, TU Darmstadt
Title: Shaping Robotic Assistance through Structured Robot Learning

November 22, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Antoine Girard, CNRS
Title: Symbolic control of nonlinear systems: safety, optimization and learning

November 15, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Stelian Coros, ETH Zurich
Title: Physics-based Modeling and the Quest for Intelligent Robots

November 1, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Animesh Garg, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Building Blocks of Generalizable Autonomy: Duality of Discovery & Bias

October 25, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Deepak Pathak, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Robotics in the Wirld: Continual Improvement by Watching and Practicing

October 18, 2022
Speaker: Annie Xie, Stanford University
Title: Towards Continual Robot Learning

October 11, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Nikolai Matni, University of Pennsylvania
Title: What Makes Learning to Control Easy or Hard?

October 4, 2022
Speaker: Sarah Li, University of Washington
Title: Sustainable and Safe Co-existence: Large-scale Autonomy under Resource Disruptions

September 27, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Johannes Betz, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Learning to Handle Autonomous Vehicles at the Limit - Experiences from Roborace and the Indy Autonomous Challenge

September 20, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Ketan Savla, University of Southern California
Title: Microscopic Traffic Flow Control

September 13, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Igor Gilitschenski, University of Toronto
Title: Interactive Navigation for Robust Autonomy

September 6, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Sabine Hauert, University of Bristol
Title: Swarms for People

August 30, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Stephen James, Dyson Robot Learning Lab
Title: Sample-Efficient Robot Learning

August 23, 2022
Speaker: Juraj Kabzan, Motional
Title: Learning with every Mile Driven: nuPlan Motion Planning Challenge

August 16, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Fei Miao, University of Connecticut
Title: Learning and Control for Safety, Efficiency & Security of Cyber-Physical Systems

August 9, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Robert Katzschmann, ETH Zurich
Title: Rethink how we make robots to explore the world

August 2, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Zac Manchester, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Composable Optimization for Contact-Rich Motion Planing and Control

July 26, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Spring Berman, Arizona State University
Title: Scalable Control of Robotic Swarms in Uncertain Environments

July 19, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Laura Ferranti, TU Delft
Title: An Optimization-Based Framework for Local (Multi-) Robot Motion Planning

July 12, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Michael Hyland, University of California, Irvine
Title: New and Old Network Models for Design and Analysis of Shared Mobility Systems

July 5, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Franziska Mathis-Ullrich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Title: Cognition Guided Robotics and Embedded AI for Surgeons

June 28, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Takashi Tanaka, University of Texas at Austin
Title: Minimum-Information Kalman-Bucy Filtering and Fundamental Limitation of Continuous-Time Data Compression

June 21, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Gammell, University of Oxford
Title: Measuring and Planning Motion in Robotics

June 14, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Anirudha Majumdar, Princeton University
Title: Safety and Generalization Guarantees for Learning Based Control of Robots

June 7, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Cynthia Sung, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Computational Design of Compliant, Dynamical Robots

May 31, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Stephen L. Smith, University of Waterloo
Title: Learning Motion Plans and User Preferences for Robot Autonomy

May 17, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Lerrel Pinto, New York University
Title: Rethinking Representations for Robotics

May 10, 2022
Speaker: Prof. David Fridovich-Keil, University of Texas at Austin
Title: Learning Mixed Strategies in Lifted Trajectory Games

Speaker: Dr. Sumeet Singh, Google Brain Robotics NYC
Title: Structure for Learning to Control

April 19, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Jeannette Bohg, Stanford University
Title: On the question of representations in robotics

April 12, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Giacomo Como, Politecnico of Torino
Title: Heterogeneities and Dynamic Pricing in Dynamic Traffic Flow Networks

March 29, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Belgioioso, ETH Zurich
Title: Online Feedback Equilibrium Seeking: Stability and Tracking

March 22, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Matthew Walter, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Title: Learning Better Ways to Measure and Move: Joint Optimization of an Agent's Physical Design and Computational Reasoning

March 15, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Giorgia Ramponi, ETH Zurich
Title: Inverse Reinforcement Learning from a Gradient-based Learner

March 8, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Tom Van Mele, ETH Zurich
Title: A Framework Approach to Computational Structural Design and Digital Fabrication

March 1, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Kenan Zhang, ETH Zurich
Title: Games and Control on Traffic Networks

February 22, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Ugo Rosolia, California Institute of Technology
Title: Learning MPC: A data ​efficient model ​based reinforcement learning strategy for iterative tasks

February 15, 2022
Speaker: Maria Bauza Villalonga, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Learning to interact with the world: when generality meets precision

February 8, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Jules Hedges, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Title: Lenses as a recurring pattern in optimisation and learning

February 1, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Oren Salzman, Israel Institute of Technology
Title: Algorithmic motion planning meets minimally-invasive robotic surgery

January 25, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Andreas Malikopoulos, University of Delaware
Title: Separation of Learning and Control for Cyber-Physical Systems

January 18, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Bounded Rationality Methods in Reinforcement Learning-driven Autonomy

January 11, 2022
Speaker: Prof. Sylvia Herbert, University of California, San Diego
Title: Connections between Hamilton-Jacobi Reachability Analysis and Control Barrier Functions for Safety Analysis


December 20, 2021
Speaker: Luca Ballotta, University of Padova
Title: Performance Tradeoffs and Optimal Design in Distributed Systems

December 13, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Mark Mueller, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Tightly Integrated Design and Control of Aerial Robots

December 6, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Amanda Prorok, Cambridge University
Title: Learning Communication for Decentralized Coordination in Multi-Robot Systems

November 29, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Dominic Liao-McPherson, ETH Zurich
Title: Suboptimality and Supervision of Model Predictive Controllers

November 22, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Samitha Samaranayake, Cornell University
Title: Algorithmic foundations for demand-responsive transit systems

November 15, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Andrea Zanelli, ETH Zurich
Title: Efficient inexact numerical methods for nonlinear model predictive control with feasibility guarantees with applications to autonomous racing

November 8, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Anne Collin, Motional
Title: Plane and Sample: Maximizing Information about Autonomous Vehicle Performance using Submodular Optimization

November 1, 2021
Speaker: Erdem Biyik, Stanford University
Title: Learning how to Route Autonomous Vehicles on Shared Roads

October 25, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Francesca Parise, Cornell University
Title: Overcoming Uncertainty of Interactions in Static and Dynamic Multiagent Settings

October 18, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Negar Mehr, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Title: Socially Aware Autonomy: Game Theoretic Planning and Control For Multi Agent Interactions

October 4, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Roberto Galeazzi and Thomas Enevoldsen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Title: Informed Sampling-based Motion Planning for Collision and Grounding Avoidance of Autonomous Ships

September 27, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Guillaume Sartoretti, National University of Singapore
Title: Distributed Learning Based Scalable Collaboration in Robotic Multi Agent Systems

September 20, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Jana Tumova, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Title: Formal Methods for Preferred Motion Planning

August 23, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Hoerl, IRT SystemX, Paris
Title: Exploring the system impact of automated taxis via agent based simulation

August 16, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Wilko Schwarting, MIT/ Tech Lead at ISEE AI
Title: Learning and Control for Interactions in Mixed Human-Robot Environments

August 9, 2021
Speaker: Yingzhao Lian, EPF Lausanne
Title: New Perspectives on Advanced Building Control: Data driven and self ​triggered methods

August 2, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Nilles, Cornell University
Title: Is Less More? Characterizing Resource Trade-offs for Simple Mobile Robots with Embodied Intelligence

July 26, 2021
Speaker: Carlo Sferrazza, ETH Zurich
Title: Data driven, vision based tactile sensing: design, simulation, and applications to robot control

July 5, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Carlo Cenedese, ETH Zurich
Title: Highway Traffic Control via Smart Emobility

June 28, 2021
Speaker: Margarita Grinvald, ETH Zurich
Title: Dense Object-Level Mapping

June 21, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Kaidi Yang, Stanford University
Title: Operation of AV-enabled Future Mobility Systems

June 14, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Nan Li, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Title: Game Theoretic Methods for Safe Autonomous Vehicles On Shared Roads

June 7, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Cody Fleming, Coordinated Systems Lab, Iowa State University
Title: Physics and Learning in Prediction and Control

May 31, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Simone Schuerle-Finke, Responsive Biomedical Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Individual and swarms of microrobots for tissue probing and enhanced drug transport

May 18, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Sawyer Fuller, Autonomous Insect Robotics Lab, University of Washington, Seattle
Title: Flying, Autonomous, Insect Sized Robots

May 11, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Tichakorn (Nok) Wongpiromsarn, Iowa State University
Title: Formal Methods for Control Synthesis of Autonomous Systems

May 5, 2021
Speaker: Kristoffer Bergman, Linkoeping University
Title: Tightly Combining Sampling-based Motion Planning and Direct Optimal Control

May 3, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Morteza Lahijanian, University of Colorado Boulder
Title: Data-driven Formal Synthesis for Partially-known Stochastic Systems

April 26, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Jen Jen Chung, Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Safe robot navigation in dense human crowds

April 19, 2021
Speaker: Marko Bjelonic, Robotic Systems Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Planning and Control for Hybrid Locomotion of Wheeled ​Legged Robots

April 12, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Matthew Kvalheim, Kod Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Hierarchical Composition via Collapse of Dimension in Dynamical Systems

April 6, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Vasileios Tzoumas, Controls Group, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Title: Algorithmic Foundations of Resilient Collaborative Autonomy: From Non ​Convex Optimization to Perception and Control

March 29, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Yuxiao Chen, AMBER Lab, California Institute of Technology
Title: Towards Safe Multiagent Autonomy

March 22, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Johannes Koehler, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Robust control for nonlinear constrained systems combining predictive control and incremental stability

March 15, 2021
Speaker: Yashwanth Nakka, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories, California Institute of Technology
Title: Chance Constrained Trajectory Optimization for Safe Exploration and Learning of Nonlinear Systems

March 8, 2021
Speaker: Prof. Sandeep Chinchali, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, The University of Texas at Austin
Title: Collaborative Perception and learning Between Robots and the Cloud

March 1, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Boehler and Simone Gervasoni, Multi-scale Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Magnetic actuation: a fantastic voyage between magnetism and the human body

February 22, 2021
Speaker: James Harrison, Autonomous Systems Lab, Stanford University
Title: Bayesian Models for Adaptive Learning and Control

February 15, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Diego Romeres, Principal Research Scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL)
Title: Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

February 8, 2021
Speaker: Enrico Mion, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Coaching on Driving Simulators

February 1, 2021
Speaker: Matthias Hofer, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Development of an Inflatable Robotic Arm: Design, Learning Control and Vision-​based Sensing

Jauary 25, 2021
Speaker: Pasquale Antonante, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Monitoring and Diagnosability of Perception Systems

January 18, 2021
Speaker: Kim Wabersich, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: A Predictive Safety Filter for Learning Based Control of Constrained Dynamical Systems

January 11, 2021
Speaker: Georgios Bakirtzis, Coordinated Systems Lab, University of Virginia
Title: Compositional Cyberphysical Systems Theory


December 23, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Abolfazl Lavei, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Automated Verification and Control of Large-​Scale Stochastic Cyber-​Physical Systems: Compositional Techniques

December 21, 2020
Speaker: Benoit Landry, Autonomous Systems Lab, Stanford University
Title: Differentiable Optimization in Nonlinear Control

December 14, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Holger Caesar, Data Curation Team Lead, Motional, Singapore
Title: Data ​Driven Development for Autonomous Driving

December 7, 2020
Speaker: Andrea Bajcsy, Hybrid Systems Lab, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Introspective Human Motion Prediction for Safe Robot Autonomy

December 2, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Saverio Bolognani, Automatic Control Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Autonomous Optimization for Real Time Power System Operation

November 30, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Kiril Solovey, Autonomous Systems Lab, Stanford University
Title: Large Scale Multi Robot Systems: From Algorithmic Foundations to Smart Mobility Applications

November 23, 2020
Speaker: Antonio Loquercio, Robotics and Perception Group, UZH and ETH Zurich
Title: Agile Autonomy: High-Speed Flight with On ​Board Sensing and Computing

November 16, 2020
Speaker: Andrew Spielberg, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: The Future of Robot Design

November 9, 2020
Speaker: Pol Duhr, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Energy Management Optimization for the Hybrid Electric Formula 1 Race Car

November 2, 2020
Speaker: Karen Leung, Autonomous Systems Lab, Stanford University
Title: On Using Reachability Analysis and Temporal Logic for Safe and Robust Planning Under Uncertainty

October 27, 2020
Speaker: Julian Zilly, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich
Title: Plasticity in Sequential Deep Neural Network Learning: On how neural networks are shaped through training

October 19, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Riccardo Bonalli, Autonomous Systems Lab, Stanford University
Title: Composable Geometric Motion Policies using Multitask Pullback Bundle Dynamical Systems

October 12, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Patrick Schmuck, Vision for Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Collaborative Perception for Robotic Teams: Enhancing Visual SLAM through Shared Information

October 5, 2020
Speaker: Prof. Dario Paccagnan, Department of Computing, Imperial College London
Title: Efficient Operation of Socio Technical Systems: Optimal Incentives in Congestion Games

September 28, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Michael Muehleback, Real Time Intelligent Secure Explainable Systems Lab, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Optimization with Momentum: Dynamical, Control- Theoretic, and Symplectic Perspectives

September 21, 2020
Speaker: Nicolo Pagan, Automatic Control Lab, ETH Zurich
Title: Game Theoretical Inference of Human Behavior in Social Networks

September 9, 2020
Speaker: Prof. Nils Napp, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
Title: Abstractions Barriers for Physically Embodied Algorithms