Gioele Zardini

Postdoctoral Scholar
Stanford University
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Autonomous Systems Lab

Incoming Assistant Professor (Fall 2024)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Institute for Data, Systems and Society (IDSS)

I recently defended my doctoral thesis in Prof. Emilio Frazzoli's group, at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich. I am currently serving as a PI and will be joining the faculty at MIT in Fall 2024 (I am recruiting!). Also, I am a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, working with Marco Pavone. I received my BSc. and MSc. in Mechanical Engineering with focus in Robotics, Systems and Control from ETH Zurich in 2017 and 2019, respectively. I spent time in Singapore at nuTonomy (then Aptiv, now Motional), at Stanford University, in Marco Pavone's Autonomous Systems Lab, and at MIT.

Driven by societal challenges, the goal of my research is to develop efficient computational tools and algorithmic approaches to formulate and solve complex, interconnected system design and autonomous decision making problems. My interests include the co-design complex systems (all the way from future mobility systems to autonomous systems), compositionality in engineering, planning and control, and game theory. I am the recipient of an award (keynote talk) for our paper at the 2021 Applied Category Theory Conference, and of the Best Paper Award (1st Place) at the 2021 24th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC).

I created the Autonomy Talks. Check out our webpage, have a look at the (over 160) recorded talks and contact me if you want to be the next speaker!

If you want to know more about compositional engineering, check out our workshops, our webpage (containing our work-in-progress book, and many recorded lectures), and our papers.

As of April 2024, the magic is reported on my group's official webpage

Latest News

04/02/2024 - From now on, news will be reported on my group's webpage!
03/25/2024 - I gave talks at UT Austin, TAMU, and IOS'24, in Texas!
03/01/2024 - Our Tutorial on Co-design for Autonomy has been accepted to the 2024 Design Automation Conference in SF!
02/29/2024 - Our paper on Reliability-aware Control of Power Converters in Mobility Applications has been accepted to ECC'24!
02/29/2024 - Our workshop on Challenges in Control for the Future of Mobility has been accepted to ACC'24
02/02/2024 - I gave a talk at the UIUC's Human-Centered Autonomy Lab
01/08/2024 - I'm at Stanford! So excited to be back! 12/12/2023 - I gave an invited talk at the CDC 2023 workshop on Learning Enabled Control and Coordination for Societally-aware Transportation Systems, in Singapore.
07/12/2023 - I gave an invited seminar at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, hosted by Domenico Campolo
06/12/2023 - I gave an invited seminar at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, hosted by Greg Chirikjian
21/11/2023 - I gave an invited talk at the MERL Seminar Series
14/11/2023 - I successfully defensed my doctoral thesis at ETH Zurich! :)
31/10/2023 - I gave an invited talk at the Apple Special Projects Seminar
01/10/2023 - I gave an invited talk at the IROS workshop on Multi-Agent Dynamic Games, titled "Strategic Interactions Across Scales: From Autonomy to Mobility".
13/07/2023 - Two papers accepted at ITSC 2023! Bilbao here we come.
05/24/2023 - I gave an invited talk at MIT Media Lab's Computational Social Science Seminar, hosted by Dr. Takahiro Yabe!
05/08/2023 - Our tutorial on Computational Co-Design for Robotics has been accepted to IROS 2023, in Detroit!
04/27/2023 - I gave an invited talk at MIT's JTL and Transit Groups, hosted by Prof. Jinhua Zhao.
03/15/2023 - Both our workshop and special session on Co-Design and Coordination of Future Mobility Systems have been accepted at ITSC'23. Bilbao, here we come!
April'23 - I accepted a faculty position at MIT LIDS, CEE, and IDSS! Very excited!
Jan-April'23 - I gave a bunch of job talks about Co-Design of Complex Systems at a number of places, including UW, MIT, UC Berkeley, UIUC, Cornell, Imperial College London, KTH, UCI, UBC, USC, and University of Michigan
02/01/2023 - I'm in Boston until the end of May! I'm visiting Munther Dahleh's group at MIT.